I began riding dirt bikes when I was 9 (1981) and my first bike was a 1973 XR75 that my Dad restored for me from several boxes of parts. When I turned 16 I immediately signed up for the MSF riding course and the day my certificate came in the mail I went to the Illinois DMV and took the riding test (which was not easy on my brother's '89 Ninja 600R). I have been riding both street & dirt ever since, with only the occasional, bikeless, dry-spell along the way. I love riding though, and each year I seem to log more miles than the previous one; a trend I'm not at all disappointed to observe. :)

As of May 2006 I have recently sold my 1995 Honda Shagna 750 & my 1996 VFR 750. Both bikes had roughly 95,000 miles on them at the time, both ran great and both are still running today; a testement to Honda engineering!

Currently I have a 2001 XR400R that has been heavily modified for serious desert abuse and my shiny new bike, the KTM 950 Adventure.

I bought the Adventure new on February 5th, 2006 and at the end of April I had already put over 7000 miles on it. :)

I love to ride, and I love to explore; the 950 has proven to be the perfect motorcycle, allowing me to do both whenever, and wherever I want.